Plants are of significance to human beings and the environment in general. They contribute a lot to the beauty and appearance of a particular area. We all desire to have that green homestead, and that is why we water our plants regularly. Some plants are also known for their beautiful flowers which bring that striking appearance to the compound. These flowers have a variety of colors, from the red colors of the rose to the purple of the jacaranda flower. Trees and plants, in general, are said to provide the oxygen that we inhale. The processes that place in plants during photosynthesis lead to the production of oxygen as one of its by-products. Trees may act as sheltering zones to both man and animals. Birds build their nests on trees while animals like monkeys shelter on the branches.

I do believe you have sheltered under a tree during a hot day once in your life. With all these benefits, plants also001 need proper care and maintenance. You can apply several maintenance procedures for the plants in your yard. Trimming and pruning are some essential procedures. They involve cutting off the dead or overgrown parts of the plant. This will prevent the whole plant from getting affected and reduce the chances of stunted growth.

Mulching is another method you should apply. It involves applying organic matter on top of the soil or the base of a plant. Mulching is vital for the proper growth of your plants in the following ways.

Reduced evaporation

Top dressing the soil with organic matter will help reduce the moisture lost during evaporation. It will protect the soil around the base of your plant from direct sun rays which increase the rate of evaporation. Soil moisture is significant because plants use the water which is sucked in by roots for photosynthesis. You should, therefore, mulch your plants to maintain the soil moisture content.

Additional nutrients

Mulching is mostly done using dead organic matter. This may be made up of drying the leaves and the branches. This matter decomposes to add extra nutrients to the soil which is also essential to the plants because it helps in promoting proper growth. You should use more organic mulch to boost the growth of your plants.

Reduced soil erosion

Covering the soil with dead leaves prevents it from the powerful winds that may blow it away. This is important to your plants because soil erosion may leave the roots of your plants exposed which may lead to falling or drying up. You should do mulching in your to keep the soil intact and prevent damages.